Sigma Delta Pi -Zeta Pi Chapter

California State University San Bernardino 

Sin educación, no podemos ver más allá de nosotros mismos ni de nuestro ambiente cerrado a la realidad de la interdependencia mundial. Sin la educación no podemos darnos cuenta de cómo la gente de otras razas y religiones comparte los mismos sueños, las mismas esperanzas. Sin educación, no podemos reconocer la universalidad de las metas y ambiciones humanas.

Kofi Annan

Joey Desmond

Currently teaching English in China. He graduated from CSUSB in 2011 achieving a B.A. in Spanish Literature. "Teaching in a foreign country has been the experience a life time experience, I have learn not just the culture but to see the world in a whole new perspective...", he states.  As a sigma delta pi memeber Joey is proud to share his accomplishments and his future career plans with us. 

Angelica Bañuelos

Recognized memeber of Zeta- Chapter in 2012. Angelica is the main host of the "Coyote Radio en Español" in CSUSB. She has an extreme passion for Spanish Literature, linguistics, and cominications sciece. After getting her B.A. in Spanish Literature  she is planning to continue studying and achive her Masters .


Santiago Maldonado Reyna

Master student of Spanish Literature, became a Zeta memeber in 2010. Santiago is a harpist, a guitarriest, a singer. He taught his daugher and son to play instruments and they currently perform as a Mariachi in different events. Mariachi has been recognized in Mexico to be a cultural patrimony, and for Santiago "its an honor to perform for others because music can make someone forget about  any  pain."